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Scottish Theme Baby Shower

February 3, 2016

The Scottish theme would be perfect if you know a mommy- or daddy-to-be that are proud of their Scottish heritage? You might want capitalize on that heritage and throw a Scottish theme baby shower. I'm part Scottish myself, so this theme really appeals to me. With these decorations and a vase or two of heather, put a Scottish lullaby on the stereo to softly set the scene. This theme will work well for either a boy or a girl.
Start with the invitations. Notice the Scottish plaid.

Then you'll need the table supplies to go with the theme.

If you decide that you want to purchase a centerpiece, here's a cute one that coordinates with the rest of the decorations.

These dangling cutouts would be nice hanging over the centerpiece, or hang it over the gift table to dress it up.

I just love this confetti! It coordinates so well with the rest of the Scottish theme. You might sprinkle it around the food and/or gift table if you don't mind running the vaccum after the party.

If you are giving favors, these bags will coordinate well.

Balloons are always festive. Tie them to the backs of chairs or mix theme in the centerpiece. The colors below will coordinate nicely with this Scottish theme and as well as the mylar balloons.

To make games simple, here's a book of five fun, simples games for up to eight guests -- these are forms that have questions and a line to fill in the answer. And as always, they coordinate with the theme. You can find more information at

As a nice gesture, you could give these items to the mommy-to-be. One is a keepsake book so she'll remember everything about the party. She'll also need Thank You notes, so why not get her notes that go with the theme?